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Bunker Traders Introducing

we were expecting at least some inquiry from your end and at same time, for the scope to render our service for your esteem company here at the Maritime Port of Chittagong by serving your clients vessel being your honored partner. Believe that our dedicated quality service in bunkering program in your valued clients vessel , at Bangladesh territorial waters, will help us to capitalize our total capacity for supplying bunker as well as will increase your acceptance and volume of business. We are quite ready to offer below service to our valued Principals with 100% assurance-

a) Quality and quality bunkering program with credit facility
b) Sampling (drip sample) during bunkering program in presence of any surveyor and test the same at any lab worldwide.
c) Competitive price.

Informatively, till now our business policy is providing quality bunkering program at competitive rate which ultimately increasing our business.
However, attachment with your esteem company will definitely help us to expand our business through utilization of our full strength ie. win- win
position in between our company and our valued Principals.

Nevertheless, we take the liberty to introduce ourselves in brief as one of the bunkering company here at the Maritime Port of Chittagong , Bangladesh.

1. S&S Ship Management (physical bunkering division), supplies bunker fuels like Furnace Oil, Marine Gas Oil and Lubricants.

2. S&S Ship Management Business Policy : Quality and Quantity bunker supply at competitive rate.

3. Bunker Barge:
a] MT “O.T SMS-1″ – Capacity 650MTS [ 8 tanks for IFO (550mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 100mts) ]
b] MT “OT Sea Power “- Capacity 950MTS [ 6 tanks for IFO (750mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 150mts) ]
c] MT “OT Sea Power-1 “- Capacity 950MTS [ 6 tanks for IFO (700mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 200mts) ]

4. Bunkering Location: Chittagong Port ( Outer anchorage and Inner harbor).

5. Source of our IFO and MGO: JAMUNA, PADMA, MEGHNA
( the Govt. authorized source for IFO and MGO in Bangladesh)

6. Maintained Standard:
IFO-180CST : STANDARD ISO 8217:2005(E)-ISO-F-RME-180

We can meet all demands at port of Chittagong , at anchorage and at off port limits . We select the right partners, offer the right quality products at the right price and always ensure that the customer is supplied with first class quality in compliance with the requirements specified in regulation 18 of Annex VI of MARPOL 73/78.

In the event of any inquiry, please feel free to raise us.

Thanks and best regards,
For S&S Ship Management
Shirajul Islam
Online : Skype: shirajctg , MSN: sss_management, Yahoo: sssmanagement
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