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** Supplier Items**
1.  Deck, engine, cabin stores and machinery
2. Charts, nautical publications, flags and stationary
3.  Bonded stores (soft drinks, cigarettes, beer, …etc..)
4.  Fresh / frozen and dry provisions
5.  Physical Bunker / Lubricants supplier.
6.  Chipping & painting / tank cleaning / disposal of sludge and garbage also done.
7.  Watchman supply (USD 5 PER PERSON PER 24 HRS).
8.  Life raft services and supplying of safety equipment / certification.

** Mechanical Repair **
 All kinds of technical repairs done by Class One Lloyds Registered Workshop.
1. Repair of internal combustion engines
2. Repair of turbo chargers
3. Pump repair
4. Repair of heat-exchanging apparatuses
5. Metals substitution metal sheet iron and profiles
6. Hull welding activity and building of metal constructions
7. Repair of electrical generators and electrical engines
8. Repair and building of electrical installations
9. Repair and placing of pipe systems
10. Repair of pipe fixture and delivery of new one

** Bunkering Item**

1. S&S Ship Management (physical bunkering division), supplies bunker fuels like Furnace Oil, Marine Gas Oil and Lubricants.

2. S&S Ship Management Business Policy : Quality and Quantity bunker supply at competitive rate.

3. Bunker Barge:
[a] MT “O.T SMS-1″ – Capacity 650MTS [ 8 tanks for IFO (550mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 100mts)
[b] MT “OT Sea Power “- Capacity 950MTS [ 6 tanks for IFO (750mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 150mts)
[c] MT “OT Sea Power-1 “- Capacity 950MTS [ 6 tanks for IFO (700mts) and 2 tanks for MGO( quantity- 200mts)

4. Bunkering Location: Chittagong Port ( Outer anchorage and Inner harbor).

5. Source of our IFO and MGO: JAMUNA, PADMA, MEGHNA
( the Govt. authorized source for IFO and MGO in Bangladesh)

6. Maintained Standard:
IFO-180CST : STANDARD ISO 8217:2005(E)-ISO-F-RME-180